Where to Invest in the UK Stock Market

by John on July 14, 2014

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When it comes to the UK stock market —and every other market right now— people are growing more and more concerned with a possible tech bubble burst. Investment experts, such as Tom Stevenson, believe that 2014 will be the year we relive the implosion of the dotcom bubble burst that brought the market to its knees, back in 2000. That being the case, maybe the best place to invest within the UK stock market is anywhere except the technology sector.

The following are some UK-based companies that may be both safe from the impending implosion, and offer long-term, continuous growth over the next several years. They are titans in their markets and have technical statistics that suggest prosperity for the organisations (and a return on investment that will leave shareholders happy).

easyJet is an airline carrier operating principally in Europe. easyJet operates approximately 600 routes, across more than 30 countries with its fleet of over 200 Airbus aircraft.

easyJet would have been an excellent investment anyway, however, it recently had its “buy” rating restated by Investec in a note issued to investors and the media. Investec’s price target would suggest a potential upside of 11.94%. Several other investors placed an “overweight” rating on easyJet stock in previous months; however, we may see many investor organisations giving easyJet the thumbs up in the weeks to come.

Good Energy
Good Energy Group Plc operates as a holding and management company for utilities. Good Energy profits from the purchase, generation and sale of electricity from renewable sources, and the sale of gas and services relating to micro-renewable generation. What makes Good Energy such a great buy is that it is a vertically integrated utility company. This means that it sources 100% of its electricity from renewable sources. It supplies approximately 34,000 domestic and commercial customers, and supplies gas to approximately 10,500 domestic customers.

In a market where everyone is attempting to excel in a renewable energy world, Good Energy does—while making its investors happy. The one-year return on investment for Good Energy…76%.

Breedon Aggregates
Breedon Aggregates Limited is a holding company involved in the quarrying, production and sale of aggregates and related activities. Breedon Aggregates operates quarries, asphalt plants and ready-mixed concrete and mortar plants, supplying the West Midlands, East Midlands and eastern England. Additionally, they offer contracting services that fulfil minor road-surfacing projects, as well as infrastructure contracts.

Breedon Aggregates has performed consistently (and impressively) over the last two years.

Optimal Payments
Optimal Payments Plc provides online payment solutions to Internet merchants and consumers worldwide. Optimal Payments provides services, much like PayPal, to businesses and individuals which allows them to process direct debit, electronic checks, and credit card payments.

Joel Leonoff, Optimal Payments’ CEO, was recently rewarded the 2014 UK Stock Market Award for CEO of the Year. This reward is based on “delivery of strong fiscal results, the highest level of financial controls and corporate governance and expert communication with the market but also the successful development and implementation of a company’s strategy.” For this reason, Optimal Payments could be a victor, even in the face of a technological bubble burst.

If none of these intrigue you, you might be better served with an ETF or binary options trading. There are many trading options companies that boast that they have the “strong reputation for paying out high ROIs.” Moreover, they can offer lower risk and higher rewards.

Whichever way you decide to invest, remember the number one rule of investing…diversification. Safety first!

Investments can go down as well as up, and any opinions expressed in this article are just that.

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