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by Kate on December 7, 2011

in Money

I’ve been using a Vodafone pay as you go sim card for a while now, with an old handset left over from my days working for Nokia. I wanted to upgrade to an iPhone 4S, with unlimited or near unlimited data as a priority.

As you probably know, I hate credit. I’m not indifferent to it, I don’t dislike it, I hate it. A mobile phone contract is just that, it’s credit. It’s an agreement to pay x a month for up to 24 months. You’re locked into that agreement whatever happens to your circumstance. Another thing I hate, is paying over the odds for something. Happily, the cheapest way to get yourself connected with an iphone 4S, does not require a contract, which means no credit.

I chose to buy an unlocked 16GB iPhone 4S from Apple, and take out a £10 a month bundle, or goody bag as giffgaff call it. The £10 goody bag from giffgaff gives users 250 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, unlimited internet and free calls, texts, call forwarding and video calls to other giffgaff users. Including the cost of the phone, 12 months of this service, plus the iphone, will cost a total of £619, or £51.58 on average per month.

A comparable tariff is available through Tesco Mobile. iPhone 4S, 250 minutes, 5000 texts, and 1Gb of data. Overall, it costs £635, or £52.92 on average per month.

The crucial difference between the two options is that the giffgaff tariff does not tie you in for the whole 12 months. You can decide at any point not to take out another monthly goody bag. If your circumstances change, you do not have to worry about continuing to pay the monthly contract even if you aren’t using it.

Giffgaff keep their prices low by not using call centers for non-financial enquiries. Their customer service is handled by a customers base who is ncentivised with cash, to answer questions through an online forum. For someone who spends a good deal (ok the majority) of their time online, I’m totally happy with the idea of a user-run forum providing my support.

So there you have it, the cheapest way to get yourself an iPhone 4S with a basic package including unlimited data, is by buying the handset through Apple, and a goody bag from giffgaff.

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