Why ‘Extreme Couponing’ Can Take a Hike

by Kate on November 28, 2011

in Live Well

I was recently featured in an article about ‘extreme couponing’, which doesn’t actually exist in the UK. Quite when the papers are going to grasp that, I don’t know. Sure there is excessive stockpiling, voucher coding, and deal hunting going on, but extreme couponing? No, we don’t have that, nor should we want it.

If you haven’t heard of extreme couponing, take a look at the woman in the video below. She’s so incredibly focused and organised, I can’t help but wonder what she could achieve if she dedicated her energy to a cause that wasn’t amassing noodles.

Anyway, that’s extreme couponing US style. Our supermarkets don’t offer coupons on the same scale as in the states. A brief look at the UK coupons available on Money Savings Expert, will show you that, for the most part, these are not groceries that you can eat. The other thing about them is that they are all for brand names. This is important because, 50 pence off brand name washing machine capsules, is not going to be cheaper than the own brand version. So you’re not saving any money, because you have a cheaper alternative that you will have to pass up in order to use the coupon.

UK supermarkets offer more ‘buy one get one free’ type offers, that you can find on the shelves. Sensible stockpiling is enough to take advantage of these coupons because they come around on average every 6 weeks.

The real reason why I’m not a fan of extreme couponing is that it’s just another form of consumerism. So what if you’re saving money? These extreme hoarders are purchasing to excess. They’ve turned their houses into shrines to consumer goods, and what for? A stash of fifty deodorants, is not an accomplishment, it’s just another possession to tie yourself down with.

Buying excessive amounts of anything in order to save money, is not a logical thing to do and it seems like I’m not alone in thinking this. Miss Thrifty explains Why ‘extreme couponing’ ISN’T taking off in the UK, and Debbie from Motivating Mum dispels some of the myths about couponing in the UK.

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