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Nifty Tricks for Cheaper Car Insurance

by Kate on October 21, 2011

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There’s no getting around it, the best way to get cheap car insurance is to shop around. Check all the price comparison websites, and then go back to your current insurer and ask them to beat your best quote. It’s not a quick process, so you don’t want to go through all that only to find you still haven’t got yourself the cheapest quote. With that, in reverse order, here are my top three dirty nifty tricks to getting the best car insurance quotes, regardless of who the insurer is.

3. Avoid paying monthly
It is likely that the pay monthly option will incur you extra costs. This is because there isn’t usually a pay monthly option. In this instance, the insurer is lending you money and charging you interest on that loan over the year. If you really can’t pay upfront, make sure you check if you are being charged interest, and what the rate is.

2 Add a partner, or parent
Sometimes adding a second person to your insurance can bring the price down. As long as they are a mature, experienced driver with a good record, it’s worth asking. It will cost you nothing to check if the quote comes down, and that person doesn’t actually have to ever drive the car. This is only okay if you’re stating that they are the secondary driver, if you are claiming that you yourself are the secondary driver to bring your quote down, this is fraud.

1. Tweak Your Occupation
People tweak their occupations all the time. You’re in a job interview, at a networking event, these are times when it’s natural to big yourself up a little, it’s expected. When you’re on the phone to the insurance company, this is not the time to big yourself up. Insurance companies always ask what job you do when they are giving you a quote. It’s not just for their records, they are pricing you up as a person, and what answer you give could have a marked difference on the end quote.

I might jokingly call myself a glorified proof reader rather than an Editor. When I’m on the phone to the insurance company, I’m not joking! This is because the difference between Editor, and Proof Reader, is £25 off my car insurance. To find out what your car insurance occupation should be is, you can use the job picker tool.

I’m not suggesting you call yourself a postman when your actually a dentist, that would be fraud. Just tweak it down in the same way you might tweak it up in a job interview.

So there you have it, my dirty nifty tricks to getting money off your car insurance. Good luck.

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