Dear Former Self

by Kate on April 25, 2011

in Money

This is your 29 year old self talking. I’m going to let you in on a few money lessons that you are going to need sooner or later. If you take heed of these now, you’ll achieve your money goals earlier than you think is possible. If you don’t, you’ll achieved a safe level of financial security in your very late 20s, which isn’t too bad, but I could be living in a finca in northern Spain by now if you’d learnt to be a bit more savvy earlier on, so pay attention!

No 1. Try not to party so hard between the ages of 17 and 26. I know it seems like this is the most enjoyable time of your life, and in some ways it is. However, if you cut down on spending quite so much money on nights out, clothes and make-up, you would actually enjoy life a bit more. Honestly, stop worrying about appearances.

No 2. Saving is not something that should be put off until you are earning more money. When you’re 27, you’ll have grasped the benefits of compound interest, and realised (very late) that you have wasted a lot of money buying an awful lot if shit that you didn’t need. Stop now, and start building a portfolio of ISAs and bonds to give yourself some security later.

No 3. I’ve already said this, but I want to make absolutely sure you were listening. YOU DON”T NEED TO BUY A NEW OUTFIT EVERY WEEKEND, FFS.

That’s all for now, but remember, you’re future self is watching.


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